At SPAN, we take client service to a whole new level.

Our superior service starts with us treating our clients as teammates, deserving of our attention and respect. In order to facilitate this team relationship we strive to provide clients with detailed information on efficient building layouts, costs, schedules, materials and more – giving them a powerful voice from concept to completion. This kind of partnership is at the heart of our practices. While SPAN handles a wide variety of projects, from general construction to build-to-suit, the majority of our work is focused on two slightly different construction approaches: Design-Assist and Design-Build.

Our Design-Assist approach finds us joining with the owner’s design team to assist in translating the owner’s objectives and specifications onto paper while evaluating costs, methods, materials and schedules. Once the budget is approved, the team moves into final design, permitting and building construction.

Design-Build is similar, but with the added benefit of SPAN being the single source for all design and construction services, under one contract.