Span Construction employee group photo. King Husein, CEO Wes Clayton, Quality Control Manager Scott Schoenfeld, Director of Safety Scott Clausen, Project Manager George Goddard, President Mark Reynolds, Business Development Manager Jeff Wall, Field Operations Manager Roger Acres, Business Development Julia Peña, Controller Ernie Brandi, Account Manager Marilyn Clayton, Executive Assistant Terra Tate, Human Resources Manager Robb Myers, Project Manager Nathan Moreno, IT Manager Manuel Macias, Lead Project Engineer


"From a firm foundation of honesty, loyalty and trust, Span has grown into a leader in the industry, propelled by a team of talented employees who are empowered to reach their highest potential. While we are proud of our history and reputation, we continue to strive to find the best solution for our clients."

WES CLAYTON, Quality Control Manager

I appreciate the fast-paced work environment at Span. Every day brings a new opportunity to share my knowledge and advance my skills. When you’re working on several projects at a time, there’s never a dull moment. That’s exhilarating!

SCOTT SCHOENFELD, Director of Safety

"Safety is important to SPAN…it is my goal to not only maintain our safety standards, but to continually raise the bar by providing SPAN employees with a solid safety program that includes training and hands-on experience. Whether it’s on- or off-site training, SPAN is dedicated to ensuring its employees are well-equipped with the tools and skills they need to perform their jobs safely."

SCOTT CLAUSEN, VP of Engineering and Construction

“Span is a great place to learn the construction business. Because of the fast-paced types of projects we do, our people are given a lot of opportunity in a short time frame. A lot of other contractors can’t work at the pace we’re used to. They’d probably be shocked.”


"At Span Construction, our mission is clear. We make safety our priority, treat our clients with the highest level of integrity, build quality projects, deliver unparalleled value and always schedule to our customers convenience. The entire Span team is guided by these principles every single day."

MARK REYNOLDS, Business Development Manager

“We have a good team concept here, from our in-house team to those that associate with us. At Span, there’s a lot of opportunity for people to gain and enhance construction management skills, and a business culture that encourages personal and professional growth.”

JEFF WALL, Field Operations Manager

"I was a Span subcontractor for Span for 14 years before becoming an employee. I came out of retirement in 2013 to be part of the exciting work at Span. The commitment the company showed me as a sub, and the amazing team here, made me want to be part of the difference that Span is making in the construction industry."

ROGER ACRES, VP of Business Development

"There is great satisfaction in taking a client's thoughts from initial sketches to occupied living space by working together as a team. Span provides the opportunity to do that across North America and beyond."

JULIA PENA, Controller

"I started as a Plan Room clerk with Span Construction with plans of going to college and becoming an accountant. One evening, King told me that if I worked hard and finished school, I could work in the Accounting Department at Span. While in college, Span gave me the support I needed, and over time I became Controller. King told me he was incredibly proud of me. In that moment, I became a Span success story."

ERNIE BRANDI, Account Manager

“We’re not a huge company – that lets us be very nimble so that we can adapt to things quickly. We look for people who are flexible and able to think on their feet. If you’re like that, you will definitely have an opportunity to reach your full potential here at Span.”

MARILYN CLAYTON, Executive Assistant

The family atmosphere at Span is what has kept me here for 22 years. The entire staff has a sense of connection that creates a positive work culture. That positivity, and the close-knit staff’s dedication to getting the job done, benefits our clients.

TERRA TATE, Human Resources Manager

Span is a dynamic company that provides its employees with consistent opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. We cherish our ability to maintain a family-like atmosphere, and are driven by a “nothing is impossible” attitude that translates into stellar customer service – truly a rare find these days.

ROBB MYERS, Project Manager

“The people at Span have strong values, a tenacious work ethic and a ‘whatever-it-takes’ attitude that positively translates to our clients. The passion and drive of our team creates a lively and enjoyable work environment that provides opportunities to develop personal and professional skills.”


“As the IT manager here at Span Construction, it is my job to take care of their technical needs. Span is always willing to invest in technology to make the team more efficient, whether in the office or out at the jobsite.”

MANUEL MACIAS, Lead Project Engineer

“Span has a very unique feel. While it’s comprised of passionate people with different abilities and backgrounds that have been empowered to work in their own style, it also sustains an atmosphere of safety and teamwork. The end result...tremendous client satisfaction.”