METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 2000; By Johnna Young (Full Article)

Still utilizing the same standards as it did when it began in November 1979, Span Construction & Engineering Inc. continues to excel throughout the metal building industry. Among the company’s most recent accomplishments is being awarded VP Buildings’ Cumulative Sales Volume Award for $200 million in steel purchases since SPAN was founded 20 years ago.

In 1996, the company, which again has been named the top pre-engineered metal building contractor in the country, achieved the $100 million mark after 16 years of business. Now, in a mat­ter of four years, Span Construction has remarkably recorded another $100 million purchases from VP Buildings.

Other awards VP Buildings has bestowed upon the Madera, CA­ based company in 1999 include Highest Builder Volume in the Country and Annual Sales Volume Award for $44 million in steel pur­chases. The company also received Hall of Fame Awards for Costco Wholesale in Culver City, CA, and Costco Distribution Depot in Sumner, WA.

Yet another honor designated to SPAN’s President King Husein and his dedicated employees is Top Metal Builder for 1999 by Metal Construction News. The company, which recorded 36,504 tons of steel for pre-engineered metal buildings in 1999, topped 1998’s 21,780 tons by almost 15,000.

David Gilchrist, president of VP Buildings, commented, “If we were talking about most people or companies in the industry, the dra­matic jump would certainly be a bit of a surprise. But we are talk­ing about King Husein and Span Construction and, to be honest, they have had such an incredible record of accomplishment during the past decade that we have ceased being surprised at their enormous successes. The surprise is gone, but the admiration remains.”

He continued, “As a leader in the industry, VP Buildings has the honor of working with many out­standing builders and we certainly recognize that our success is due in large part upon the growth of our many talented and capable builders. It goes without saying that Span Construction is at the top of that list. Its extraordinary success is a great reflection on our company and we hope is an inspi­ration to other builders.”

Affiliated with VP Buildings for 20 years, Husein speaks highly of his relationship with the manufac­turer. He feels it is an important component of his company’s suc­cess. The feeling is mutual.

“We believe the relationship between SPAN and VP has strengthened each entity over the course of the two decades,” said Doug Reynolds, senior vice presi­dent of sales and marketing for VP Buildings.

“Both have a distinct corporate culture-a demand for superior quality and service. These high standards have offered a challenge for both companies. The result of that challenge has been growth and change in two corporations that now have become known throughout the industry for unquestioned excellence.”

Quality and customer satisfac­tion are definitely top priorities for Span Construction, who has pro­jects throughout the United States. The large contractor demonstrates this through its safety and quality programs.

“SPAN quality, an uncompromis­ing combination of craftsmanship, attention to detail and customer service-this is how SPAN makes an average project into an accom­plishment to be proud of,” stated Bill Crabtree, business develop­ment manager for VP Buildings. “For example, Span roofs are leg­endary. King personally walks major standing seam roof installa­tions to examine craftsmanship.”

Rod Horton, corporate accounts manager for VP Buildings, who has worked with SPAN for 11 years, added “Span Construction And Engineering Inc. is a compa­ny that is dedicated to the cus­tomer, customer satisfaction, cus­tomer verification and customer loyalty. Its goal is to obtain this level with every customer they do business with; before, during and after the sale, they know this gains them repeat business, refer­rals and long term commitments. These are some of the qualities that have helped them reach this accomplishment.”

The company’s high caliber of dedicated employees also contributes to Span’s overall suc­cess. The firm offers continued training to its employees to ensure they are up-to-date with industry standards. Currently the company employs 315 people but averages 450 employees in peak season.

“SPAN is dedicated to their employees, some have been with King since he opened his doors 20 years ago. Plus they attract profes­sionals that want to be a part of a successful and growing company. King Husein invests in training and education for his employees. They do not take their jobs com­placently nor their customers,” Horton said.

“The SPAN organization is a group of honest and professional people. They take pride in know­ing they are the biggest and the best in the building systems indus­try and continue to raise the ser­vice and performance bar to a level that makes it difficult for the competition to reach.”

SPAN’s accomplishments have been discussed in numerous past issues of Metal Construction News (August 1991, August 1992, May 1993, May 1994, May 1995, May 1996, September 1996, May 1997, May 1998 and May 1999).

SPAN’s story may be familiar to most readers of Metal Construction News, therefore, the following interview with King Husein emphasizes the company’s activities during the past year. It also focuses on the ongoing progress that keeps the 20 year ­old company successful.