SPAN is proud to be listed as 2023’s #1 steel building contractor in the nation for both overall tonnage of steel and in square footage of buildings delivered in the 2022 calendar year! In the 33 years since MCN has been tracking the top metal builders annually, SPAN has proudly held a top spot 29 times in both categories.   

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 01, 2023; By Paul Deffenbaugh (Full Article)

2023 Top Metal Builders

This year, the list of top metal builders shows a growing industry with the largest contractors and erectors reporting significant growth in the average tonnage and square footage of the metal buildings they constructed between 2021 and 2022.

For the second year, we’ve broken out the list of 20 top erectors from the list of 100 top contractors. The most important reason is so that we don’t end up counting work on the same building twice, once for the contractor furnishing the metal building system and again for the erector putting up the steel.

That does cause complications, though, because some companies furnish and erect, but also are contracted to only erect a building, making them both contractors and erectors. Rather than separate those numbers out in the same entity, we identify those companies as contractors.

The two lists make it difficult to compare trends such as changes in market share or building size over the years. To alleviate that, we identified the 100 largest companies, regardless of definition, and show how their averages compare to previous years.