METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 1999; By Johnna Young (Full Article)

Progress is a key ingredient that contributes to Span Construction & Engineering Inc. ‘s continuing suc­cess. For example, the company, which has once again been named the top pre-engineered metal building contractor in the country, is now beginning to construct buildings on an international level. It is also planning to build a new office facility to manage and main­tain its incredible growth. Yet, the Madera, CA based com­pany also works to keep the stan­dards which has made it such a vital asset to the metal building industry. Span Construction’s president Firoz “King” Husein feels his company’s success can be attributed to its professional­ism and keeping commitments.

Other important elements that are key to SPAN’s success include its employees,SPAN’s Safety Program andSPAN’s Quality Program. All of these assets add up to the out­standing quality and service that SPAN offers each customer.

Once again, the 19-year-old company has been named Top Metal Builder for 1998, by Metal Constntction News. The company, which was bestowed this honor for the ninth consecutive year, record­ed 21,780 tons of steel for pre­engineered metal buildings for 1998.

“We are extremely proud to be associated with not only the leader in sales of steel, but a leader in character, integrity and profession­alism. SPAN is not in the leadership position by chance, they are there because they are aggressive, hon­est and have a vision that they live each and every day,” David Gil­chtist, president of VP Buildings, said.

“By showing us new ways to succeed, SPAN is aggressive in the marketplace and in turn brings to us (VP Buildings) new and refresh­ing ideas. Each new account or opportunity challenges us in ways that we previously thought impos­sible. This then challenges us to find the people, tools and where­withal to raise the bar not only for SPAN but for the other VP Builders and the industry as a whole,” he added.

Affiliated with VP Buildings, King couples SPAN’s achievement with the building manufacturer’s dedication to its builders. VP’s cor­porate account managers help to create additional opportunities for company growth, according to King.

“SPAN knows the importance of corporate ·account customers and that each corporate relationship could lead to an ongoing program opportunity,” Rod Horton, a cor­porate account manager for VP Buildings, explained.

“SPAN has developed a profes­sional partnership with accounts like Costco and HomeBase. They earn this repeat business because they are dedicated to that compa­ny’s success. SPAN employees take pride in eve1y project. Their goals include both making the customer happy with the VP product and making the customer happy for choosing Span to be a part of their team. All this stems from a con­struction company that believes in VP Buildings, believes in the value of corporate accounts and goes into each opportunity with hon­esty and integrity,” Horton said.

Gilchrist attributes the success of SPAN and the corporate accounts to communication. “The relationship is successful because of communication at all levels within both organizations. No one in either organization leaves any­thing to chance. There is constant dialogue on each project and no one is reluctant to pick up the telephone or fax an idea to any­one in either organization. The account managers assist in bring­ing corporate account activities to the table,” Gilchrist noted.

“Finding, cultivating and secur­ing corporate account work is a joint venture that requires commu­nication and a carefully choreo­graphed script. SPAN and VP work well together because, although SPAN finds a majority of its own corporate account business, VP account managers can facilitate bringing to the table all of VP’s assets in order to ensure joint suc­cess.”

During 1998, SPAN again was recognized by VP Buildings for its outstanding projects. The large contractor, who constructs projects throughout the United States, received five Hall of Fame Awards at the annual VP Builder meeting held this March in Maui, HI. Projects selected included A.A.S.I., Long Beach, CA; Federal Express, Oakland, CA; Costco, Goleta, CA; Costco, San Bernardino, CA; and Costco, Tracy, CA.

“SPAN only knows 110% effort. They believe that every project has an impact on the success of the company. Every customer is their next testimonial and that project they built could be a Hall of Fame award winner. SPAN never lets VP or anyone down. They are win­ners and that’s what makes VP Buildings a winner too,” Horton noted.

SPAN’s accomplishments have been discussed in numerous past issues of Metal Construction News (August 1991, August 1992, May 1993, May 1994, May 1995, May 1996, September 1996, May 1997 and May 1998). Named as Top Metal Builder for nine consecutive years, SPAN’s story may be familiar to most read­ers of Metal Construction News. Therefore, the following interview with King Husein emphasizes the company’s activities during the past year and the ongoing progress that keeps SPAN among the industry’s best.

Metal Construction News: Because the Top Metal Builder award is based on tonnage, we’d like to start out by talking about the 21,780 tons of steel SPAN pur­chased in 1998. Again your com­pany’s tonnage has surpassed that of other builders. What do you feel this continued success can be attributed to?

King Husein, P.E., President: We are staying focused on provid­ing our customers with the best service and excellent quality at competitive prices. This is the key to most of our repeat business. Our emphasis on professionalism is very strong and we strive to always keep our commitments. We continue to pay a lot of attention to detail. This makes the differ­ence between an average and suc­cessful project.

MCN: Customers are also an important part of the growth of any business. You stated that in 1997, 65% of your customers were from repeat business. Has this fig­ure increased or stayed the same in the past year? Do you feel that the SPAN Quality program aids in maintaining the strong customer base that SPAN has?

Husein: During 1998, approxi­mately 65% of our business again was from repeat customers. I am sure that the SPAN Quality program is a major factor in the strong customer base that we have and we hope to expand this base because of our quality.