SPAN is proud to be listed as 2022’s #1 steel building contractor in the nation for both overall tonnage of steel and in square footage of buildings delivered in the 2021 calendar year! In the 32 years since MCN has been tracking the top metal builders annually, SPAN has proudly held a top spot 28 times in both categories.   

METAL CONSTRUCTION NEWS;  May 01, 2022; By Paul Deffenbaugh (Full Article)

2022 Top Metal Builders

Do you have whiplash yet? For metal building contractors and erectors, 2021 must have been a year of sharp contrasts, highs and lows. For example, steel prices shot up in early May, then plummeted. Shot up again in July, then plummeted. And edged up again in October before dropping to a yearly low in late November.


Price, availability and demand for construction materials all fluctuated widely in 2021 (see the discussion on the biggest challenges below), but despite that, the top metal builders report increases in the average tonnage and square footage. In fact, by all measures, 2021 was a very strong year for the metal building industry when looking at the largest contractors.

Last year, we identified the largest erectors who made the lists so we could begin the process of separating contractors from erectors. This year, we asked submitters to identify as either a contractor or erector and we made two lists: the 100 largest metal building contractors and the 20 largest metal building erectors.

Because of this there are some anomalies in the reporting since we can’t easily compare this year’s list to previous lists. To help with that, in the charts below you will see comparisons for just contractors and then comparisons for the combined lists, but limited to the top 100 as we have in previous years.